Graphic Design Packages for Sports, Entertainment and News



We design insert and animation packages for your JumboTron, sports broadcast, news station or entertainment show.

Our specialty is designing graphics disk for a Chyron Mosaic, Chyron IP, Chyron HyperX, Chyron Duet, Ross Xpression or NewTek Tricaster LiveText system.

An insert graphics package will include animating lower thirds, slabs, fullscreens and promos templates for your graphics team.


Zack Millican and Josh Davis have decades of design experience combined. Each work in news and sports productions. A few clients include The Today Show, NBC Sports and professional sports teams.

Need a PACKAGE for a few games?

We rent sports insert graphics packages for a Chyron Mosaic, Chyron IP, Chyron HyperX, Chyron Duet or Ross Xpression.

We'll help you set up team logos, team colors and sponsor graphics so your production will have a professional look.

We also design affordable animation packages with a custom open, wipes, bumpers and interstitials.